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1 one of two (approximately) equal parts [syn: mediety]
2 one of two basic subdivisions of a tribe

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From the meitiet (French moitié), from medietas “half”, from medius “middle, half”


  1. Half.
    • 1832, The Christmas Box, edited by T. Crofton Croker:
      From New Holland the emu,
      With his better moiety,
      Has paid a visit to the Zo-
      Ological Society.
  2. A share or portion.
  3. A specific segment of a molecule.
    Aniline has both a phenyl and an amino moiety.
  4. Each descent group in a culture which is divided exactly into two descent groups.
    • William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra:
      The death of Antony
      Is not a single doom; in the name lay
      A moiety of the world.

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Moiety (plural moieties) may mean:

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allotment, allowance, ashram, big end, bigger half, bisection, bit, bite, body, budget, butt, caste, chip, chunk, clan, class, clip, clipping, collop, colony, commission, commonwealth, commune, community, contingent, crumb, cut, cutting, deal, destiny, dividend, division, dole, dollop, economic class, end, endogamous group, equal share, equidistance, extended family, family, fate, fifty percent, fifty-fifty, fragment, gens, gob, gobbet, half, half-and-half, halfway house, halver, helping, hemisphere, hunk, interest, kinship group, lot, lump, measure, mediety, meed, member, mess, mid-distance, midcourse, middle distance, midway, modicum, morsel, nuclear family, order, parcel, paring, part, particle, percentage, phratria, phratry, phyle, piece, portion, proportion, quantum, quota, rake-off, rasher, ration, scoop, scrap, section, segment, semicircle, semisphere, settlement, shard, share, shaving, shiver, shred, slice, sliver, small share, smithereen, snack, snatch, snip, snippet, social class, society, splinter, stake, stitch, stock, stump, subcaste, tatter, totem
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